Thursday, March 16, 2017


for those who keep asking me why i befriend with him and how i endure his so-called 'mafia personality' for these 14 years already,
this picture is one of the answer.

he know perfectly well how to read my mind.
when i'm stuck in making my own decision he'll step forward and show what's right for me.
above all, i just simply love his mafia personality, that's all. so stop questioning me about this one XD

before asking, go find yourself a true person  who will stand by yourside first; come hell or high water.
then i bet you will completely understand how i feel and won't be asking me this freaking question anymore. AT ALL!  :)

people say what they wanna say
but we love our daniel ishqal so much. he's so precious.
i should've thank him actually for enduring everything for all these past years.
he maybe a hot headed person but i'm the one who always gave him a hard time :P
so dont you dare to speak ill about him when u dont freaking know anything about him. only pariz aserap has a right to do that!

we love you ish so freakin' much.

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