Thursday, December 5, 2013

i miss u

ferio alessandro capello, i miss you..
suddenly thinkin' bout 'u' after 14 years..

a lot of memories dat i wont forget about u
how u never whines even ur name was different from ur siblings.
back then, u r a happy lil' kid..
dunot care bout what happen, wat's the problem..
people can always see a smile at ur face..
i remember how it used to be when nothin' else matter to u..

i really miss u..
i miss u so much!

last nite i look in the mirror..try to find u..
but u're not there :'(
all i can see was me..just me..
it's painful..

where are u ferio?

*i miss the old me :'(*


AMD said...

aambui sedap nama bos

Nur Hafiza Rahsid said...

pacik sori offtopic sat. hehe. nebess sangat nebess. harini present doakan dari kejauhan ye? hihi