Friday, December 12, 2014

special dedicate for u

I've heard wat you said, but I pretend I dunot :)
as expected, u always talk behind people's back
therefore u always at the back *smirk*
if u r able to talk behind their back then u shud be able to say it in their face.
but frankly speaking, I dun expect much from a coward like u.
and sadly, im not surprise with u  :)
with this kind of attitude, u'll always at the back.
I feel sorry for u.

wanna change ur life to be better???
change ur attitude FIRST!
don't be a loser for the rest of ur life.
don't misunderstood
im not insulting u. im describing u. :D

wishing u a very gud luck with dat attitude.

p/s: ive grown up enaf to ignore the moron. so dun waste ur time for me anymore oke? XD
I've stopped listening so y dun u stopped talking?

have a nice day,everyone :)

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