Monday, September 1, 2014

i am who i am.

6+3 = 9
but so does 5+4 , 8+1, 7+2 and so on.
the way u do things is not always the only way to do them.
so, please respect other people's way of thinkin.

sumtimes i dun tell people wats wrong
cos most of the time they're juz bein curious.
not bcos  they really care  *am i rite?*
d biggest communication prob is we dunot listen to understand
we listen to reply. =.='

its a shame people always wanna assume the worst when they dun really noe anything bout sumone else's personal business to begin with *sigh*

well, i wont let anyone tell me wat to tink.
in a world full of fake people, to find sumone genuine is rare.
so, just be urself.

"dun worry about those who talk behind ur back. they're behind u for a reason"

this is who i am.
i am me. no excuses. no regrets.
and nobody said u had to like it.

fariznil ashraff.

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