Sunday, June 23, 2013


to my beloved nonnino.....
i’m listening to cassadee pope – over you, and suddenly start to shed a tears thinkin bout u...
this song is really reminds me of’s so sad yet very beautiful song..
it’s the second song after ‘andy william – love story’ that made me missed u so much, remembered while listenin to that song, u told me a story bout nonna.. i don’t even listenin to the ‘love story’ anymore cos i noe i’ll cry bcos of missing u so much...

i really feel lonely everytime i miss u cos u’re very special to me.. u ‘left’ me when i was 17 and at that time i feel like i lost everything in me.. He took u away from me when i still need u T__T
but now, im 26 a man now, nonnino :’)
i still remember when i was a kid, everytime i cry u always said that a man shouldn’t cry..
but even today i cried everytime im thinkin bout u T__T
back then, u’ll always with me through thick and thin..
i can tell u stories, my problems, my happiness, my sadness...
just everything..!
after u’re gone, i have to carry the burden on my shoulder alone..
i feel so lonely without u, nonnino..
i became silent and don’t like to talk too much =.=’
i noe i have to accept the reality...reality that hurts me so bad..
but sometimes i just sit alone and ask myself, why u have to go? i still need u..
i still want u to guide me like an old days...the very good old days
then i found myself crying..missing u again :’(
look! u spoiled me too much:’)

i’ll leave florence today to go back to malaysia..
after this i cant ‘visit’ u and nonna every weekend anymore.
but i’ll always pray for both of u no matter where i am..
im sorry cos i cant stay in here forever :(
hey, i have a son already
he’s soo cute and smart and his name is muhammad hakim
he’s 10 years old now..
if only u are here, i bet u’ll love him as much as u love me :’)
i always told him about u..i want him to know the person that i love so much for the rest of my life..
he make me feel like im the most happiest person and the luckiest father in the world.
he’s soo amazing!!!
im a father now and fatherhood is really2 awesome
i really love him..i guess i got this attitude from u-loving :)
im a man now, nonnino...ur lil grandson is a man now!
i have a big responsibilities now..
how i wish i’m still a kid =.=’

everytime i have a problem i always thinkin of u and ended up cry again, knowing the fact that i have to do it by myself and without u...

i always pray so that u and nonna are happy ‘there’..
may Allah bless both of u and i really hope u’ll meet her again in jannah..

sometimes i feel sad to leave florence bcos i have to ‘leave’ u..
but life must go on rite?
u have no idea how much i love u..i bet u don’t even noe that everybody called me by ur name :D
im so proud when they called me MARCO bcos my nonnino is the greatest man on earth!
everybody call me MARCO, they don’t even noe my real name..hahahaha
imma marco capello jr. u see?? hee

here is the song that made me miss u so much..
i still feel painful inside when i hear to this song..
painful from losing u..
i love u so much..huhuhu

but you went dare u??? I miss youuuuu....”
*i really miss u, nonnino T_____T*

how i wish u are still here beside me cos i really have a lot of things that i wanna share with u..
just you!!
but then, the only thing that i cud do is just to keep it by usual... :’(
rest in peace and may God always bless u, my beloved nonnino...

im so proud to be your grandson and i promise u, i’ll be a better man....
i’ll make u proud to have me as if im so proud to have u although u’re not with me anymore..

[i noe u cant even read this, its just....i fell more better when i wrote this to u :)]

semoga aman di Sana....

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