Sunday, May 25, 2014

i dun get it

i dont get it how some people act like they are the most unsinful man on earth and choose a person they like and put a label to others.
i just dont understand cos i wont do dat and neither i want to do dat.
frankly speaking, it's soooo childish and not even suit an adult very well.
even my son is quite matured compared to this type of person.
but nevermind as long as it's not affecting my life then im oke with dat.
im just wonder.
thats all.
but seriously....?

i mean do u expect people will change for u?
iono about others but for me, HELL NOT!
im crazy im ridiculous im quiet i make mistake sometimes *or shud i say everytime?*  but dats oke bcos dats who i am.
u shud be who u wanna be. dats all dat matters.
im seriously dun get it. just dun fuckin' get it.
im better to not tinkin' bout dat.
people have different opinion. so i tink the best way is... just respect dat.
but if u keep searching for the perfect fren without faults, u will remain frenless. 


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