Wednesday, July 27, 2011


do what makes u happy,
be with who makes u smile,
laugh as much as u breathe,
love as long as u live...

i've found one and will never make it as two.. 
some people say LOVE is for losers and i guess im one of them..
true love is true even to the point of letting go and it loves most when it hurts much..
sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes..
i feel lucky when im with u..u mean the world to me..
and i really want u to noe that i will always keep falling in love with u..
u make me laugh when i dun even want to smile.. 
I LOVE U,not bcos of wat u have but bcos of wat i feels..I CARE FOR U, not bcos u need care but bcos i want to..I'M ALWAYS HERE FOR U, not bcos i want u to be with me but bcos i want to be with u...~u have entered my heart and u'll be there forever
i love u just the way u are..and i hope u always stay the same..cos there's notin bout u i wud change.. 

My love is only water... 
but it's always flowing, and doesn't deceive, always flowing, and doesn't change, always flowing, and doesn't end.

love is like a mountain,
hard to climb.
but when u get to the top,
the view is beautiful. 

i've learned wat love is...

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