Thursday, November 28, 2013

hey you!

when u tink u noe everything bout me, u r completely wrong..
u dunno me..
that's the fuckin' fact!
so dun hate wat u dun understand..

seriously, i dun give a damn fuck whether u wanna judge me or watever fuck u want..
cause life is too precious to stress urself with people who dun even deserve to be an issue in urlife..
u do ur business and i do mine..
but i cant stop u from judging me..
go ahead!
haters gon' hate, no?

u noe why i never give a damn fuck?
cause silent is the best reply for a fool and ignorant person like u!
i bet u never heard this sentence, "weak people, revenge! strong people, forgive! and intelligent people, ignore!"

'people will hate u, rate u, shake u, break u..but how strong u stand is wat makes u'  

so, it's completely clear dat watever u do or watever u wanna do, I DO NOT FUCKIN' CARE!!!
thanks to u cos i never knew i'm strong enaf to face a hater like u..

u have ur own point to attack me and i do have mine to defense, but i wont waste it to a lamebrain fuck like u!
cause u dun even deserve dat..  GOT IT???

wishing u a happy life forever.TQ

fariznil ashraff.

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