Monday, March 31, 2014

just walk away

i dont know whether im doin' rite or wrong. but I tink this is the best way.
its been a long time and I've held it for so long.
I don't know whats wrong with us.
but I don't feel the same anymore.
you've changed! that's the fact.
tho u said u don't or whatever excuses u gave me.
I know its gonna happen. I've told u before several years ago, one day u'll change. but u said u won't.
but I guess this is how life's work. maybe it's my fault too?
I don't know. u just left me blank.

so now I tink it's time.
I shud just silently walk away from u. so that I wont bother u.
no one will sending u a message or disturbing u anymore.
this guy wont bother u anymore.
I hope u feel release with my decision.
cos I tink it's useless if im the only one who try hard to communicate with u but for u it's not important at all.
I don't even give a damn fuck if its someone else. but u? :')

sometimes it's quite hurt when u always give ur best for them but they never appreciate it.
it's still okay if they don't do the same.
mayb I annoyed u. I don't know. im clueless.
I don't wanna make a drama or whatever.
I will just step away from u so that u wont feel bother with my presence.
I'm sorry that I'm no longer by urside when u  need me.

I just wish u to be happy forever.
may u get everything that u desire. I wish u the best of luck in the future.
remember all of my words. be the best among the best!!!!!
I know u can do it cos i always trust u from the start :)
whatever u do, have faith in u. don't give up easily.
i want u to become a great person.
so that one day when i look at u, i can proudly said that u used to be the person i knew and close to me :')
i really hope life treating u very well.

one more thing, don't remember me cos it's not worth it.
u have ur life to live. so live ur life happily.
erase all of our memories.
u have to move on. so do i.

i have nothing left to say.
wishing u the best in the future.