Wednesday, January 15, 2014

i don't like an excuse

if u're not goin' to prove the things u've said are true, then don't say anything at all.
cos if u can't show it, ur words doesn't mean a thing for me.
don't make excuses, make progress!!!
it's okay to make mistake as long as u learn from it.
cos if u can't make mistake u can't make anything.
obviously in life u face challenges and obstacles but u shud have a motivation to succeed.

u wanna have a better life, better future but u dun put an effort to reach ur goals.
what the hell do u think? the money will fall down from the sky to u?

"man jadda wajada"

as simple as that.
someone who are really serious and persistent about their dreams, will succeed.
extra effort is really important.
don't just complained. that's the weak people do.they always complained.
today u make mistake but u have to be brave to accept it.
cos tomorrow u'll be better from that mistake.
that's wat I believe.
if today was perfect there wud be no need for tomorrow.
dun run away from it and create excuses. I hate that.
never hold back or do things half assed.

juz remember when life give u sumting dat makes u feel afraid, dat's when  life gives u a chance to be brave.

YES! life is hard but not impossible.

pariz aserap.

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