Thursday, April 24, 2014

i choose to be happy

everytime i trust sumbody, they show me why i shouldn't.
like people said, trust --> it takes  years to build and just seconds to break.
trust is like a paper, once it crumpled it cant be perfect.
so, trust no more :)

nothin' hurts more than bein' dissapointed by the person u tot  wud never hurt u. well, i've learned sumthing in life, u cant change how people feel bout u.
so dun u try! just live ur life and be happy.
yes! i just choose to be happy :)
the only people u need in ur life is the one dat need u in theirs. dont make sumone a priority if they only make u an option.

"not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. sometimes they are only there long enough to teach u the lessons that u needed to learn."

we havent talked in a while not bcos i dun care anymore but bcos u pushed me away.

now, it's time for me to focus on my future.
even me myself, forgot since when i ever tink bout myself cos i'm just too bz to take care of other's heart and it end up dat im the only one who get hurts the most.
its like a breaking pieces of glasses.
so now i choose to live my life happily. 

i dont miss you. i miss the person i thought you :')

"yesterday i'm sad, today i'm happy. yesterday i had a problem, today i still have the same problem. but today i changed the way i look at it!" 

so damn rite!

dear future,
im goin straight forward to u.
cos i'm done with my PAST!




IamNobody said...

'don't feel bad if someone rejects you. people usually reject an expensive things because they can't afford them'

you are expensive, riz :)

baje itam said...

u also kenot afford me? hehe :P

IamNobody said...

i always can afford u though u are very expensive riz..cause I use ur unlimited credit card. wahahahahahahaha XD

baje itam said...

wakakakakakaka..ngek sangat ishqal uit. u dun even need dat credit card ;P

IamNobody said...

i know that..hehe :-*

baje itam said...

*wink* :P

IamNobody said...